EMS:CIS -- Client Information System

CIS is the cornerstone of the CIS family of products.  Work with just EMS:CIS to manage everything you need from your donor records to event management.  No need to buy anything else unless you need the special features in CIS:EventVision or CIS:GL.

 Key Benefits

  Gift Management

  Donor Management
    Maintain a 7 year+ history on your donors.
    Includes basic accounting (income and expense tracking) per event.
    Run all of your projects as events, at your option, to keep all expenses separate.
    Includes basic event tracking.  Setup just about any type of event.  If EMS:CIS doesn't fit your needs exactly, just let us know and we'll try and add it for you!
    Networked version allows all personnel in one, local office to work together and share information to make everyone's life easier.  
 No need to buy extra licenses if you add additional staff.
    Complete documentation, both printed and electronic.
    Complete integration with Microsoft® Office 2000 and 2003.
    Program updates for an entire year + customer support at no extra cost!




Single Copy

$ 1,295

Networked Version

$ 2,995

Enterprise Version

$ 35,000

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