Create a positive image for yourself!

When we first had the idea of offering college students their own site, with no advertising, providing current information, communications and services at a very nominal charge, our backers thought we were nuts. 
But based on our research, we found that no site offers students the opportunity to help create a positive Image, with the communication and services they need. 

View the site to see everything that we offer today’s college student.

There are other services trying to cater to a very wide audience, but nothing that offers students the opportunity to help design a site to their standards and their needs.  Hence we created, the communications standard with new services never before offered.

Our goal is to offer the best site possible, rich in communications and tools to assist any student, nonprofit organization, club, or department associated with your college or university. 

CollegeImageInfo_IconJoin now to get the best membership terms and return for your school.  The following schedule of donations will be made based on the date and time that your paid membership is recorded -- first come, first served.

We will also donate to your school up to 85% of your user fee.  Click on the icon to view the details.

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